Do you often find yourself ‘pushing on through’ even though you want to rest? Do you struggle with volatile mood swings? Do you want to understand your emotions and energy cycle better? 

If so, this course is designed to stop you feeling:

  • constantly drained and on the verge of not being able to cope 
  • scared of stopping to rest because if you do, you might never find the energy to get going again
  • like you have anger ‘issues’ or are emotionally ‘unstable’
  • disconnected from your body and its inner wisdom

By the end of it, you should be feeling:  

  • able to anticipate and harness your natural energetic surges
  • able to recognise that your ‘negative’ emotions are pointers to what needs to change
  • able to enjoy and look forward to resting and ‘being’, instead of always ‘doing’
  • calmer and more accepting of yourself, as well as of the way things are
  • aware of self-limiting childhood beliefs and patterns 
  • able to create inner calm and safety, regardless of external circumstances 
  • more accepting of yourself and of others, as well as of the way things are


Over the course of 3 separate modules which will focus on:

  1. Your two menstrual drivers 
  2. Your four menstrual seasons 
  3. Your inner menstrual weather 


Nature’s four seasons provide us with a cyclical model of productivity, whose sustainability relies upon its in-built balance: long periods of rest over winter (and the time spent preparing for this in autumn), ensure that energy is saved for the renewal and growth that occurs in spring and summer. 

But our modern, patriarchal society is totally at odds with this rhythm. And in the west - where capitalism glorifies profitability - it is efficiency (not sustainability or balance) that has become the most valued measure of success.

This has led to a gap: between the permanently productive, switched ‘on’ state that our technologically-advanced society demands of us, and what our minds and bodies are actually capable of. 

In an attempt to fill it, we’ve become increasingly reliant upon caffeine, exercise, medication, alcohol and other short-term addictive hits to fuel us (despite this leaving us feeling more drained, unhappy and unfulfilled than ever). 

When there is something far easier and more sustainable to rely on instead: our menstruality! 

By allowing our cycles to bridge this gap, we can reset our values in line with our unique, natural energetic and emotional blueprints.

This course will teach you how!

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