Do you find it hard to feel positive or grateful for the good things in your life? Do you easily ‘fly off the handle’ and worry that you might have ‘anger issues’? Do you feel anxious about everything and everyone - like it’s all up to you to fix things? Are you your own harshest critic? 

If so, this course is designed to stop you feeling:

  • guilty for not feeling happier 
  • irritated, resentful or disappointed by those around you 
  • that it’s your responsibility to make everything ok 
  • like you are a bad role model for your children 

By the end of it, you should be feeling:  

  • in control of your emotions
  • aware of self-limiting childhood beliefs and patterns 
  • able to create inner calm and safety, regardless of external circumstances 
  • more accepting of yourself and of others 


Over the course of 3 separate modules which will teach you how to:  

  1. Manage your emotional triggers 
  2. Heal your inner child 
  3. Tame your inner bully 


Does it make sense that in order to make a big change in your life you are going to have to invest in yourself in a big way?

If so, read on! 

Because this course is for women who are no longer willing to tolerate the way things are. It is for women who know that deep down they deserve to feel joy, and that, even though they may not know how to do that or where to start, they are nonetheless ready to dive deep into the root causes of their blocks, to explore and heal what is holding them back, and to create a happier, more meaningful and fulfilled life for themselves. 

We are all at different stages of our various life journeys, which is why this course is self-led and you can go at exactly the right pace for you. You may even want to go through it several times - getting more and more familiar with the tools that I am going to teach you - to travel deeper in your emotional self-exploration. 

These are lifelong tools to be added to your ‘how-to-adult box’. And they will create as big a shift as you need, depending on how willing and ready you are to transform your ‘wounds’. This means examining - with compassion and curiosity - any painful feelings that you may have locked away up until now. And working to release and integrate them, in order to kick start the process of feeling empowered, whole and self-loving, instead of weird, broken or not enough. 

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